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   How To Make GT6 The Greatest Console Racing Game

In hopes that Polyphony Digital will one day come across this page. Here’s a summary of some of the more popular suggestions found on GTPlanet.

Fist, let me start off by giving an example of how Polyphony Digital’s (aka ‘PD’ the studio that makes Gran Turismo) priorities have drastically changed for the worse. Here’s an idea, stop helping to build concept boats and vision gt cars to ‘keep people’s interest and generate sales’. Please for all that is holy, keep reading PD.

Cars: Let’s drop all the duplicate cars (Skyline’s, Miata’s, RX-7’s, etc.) and all the cars no one finds interesting (Midget, TODAY, etc.) that keep regurgitating with each release. Less is more, drop the idea of overall car numbers sells the game. It doesn’t. Drop the poor interior cars and/or make them fully premium. Add 150 to 200 more real-life, current race cars and other unique cars found at the annual Gran Turismo Car Show (don’t just add 1 every year, add 5 or better yet 10!).

Sound: They need to drastically change how they capture the sound from each car. It’s okay to add artificial sound to make it sound more realistic. The sound for each car starting up sounds pretty authentic, use that as a starting point.

Tracks: Tracks should always increase with each release and older tracks should never be dropped. Add these 35 tracks (old and new) back in the game and it will surely help sales as previous GT enthusiasts will be more excited about old tracks they loved in previous iterations. In no particular order:

- Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
- Midfield Raceway
- Seattle Circuit
- El Capitan
- Costa Di Amalfi
- Citta Di Aria
- Special Stage Route 11
- Ebisu Circuit
- Donington Park
- Interlagos
- Road America
- Road Atlanta
- Sonoma Raceway
- Red Rock Valley
- Watkins Glen
- Complex String
- Hochenheimring
- Hong Kong Circuit
- New York Circuit
- Top Gear Test Track
- Grindewald
- Swiss Alps
- Lime Rock Park
- Tahiti Maze
- Las Vegas Drag Strip
- Cataluyna
- Opera Paris
- George V Paris
- Seoul
- Grand Canyon
- Rome (Night)
- Mugello Circuit
- Fuji Speedway 80’s
- Fuji Speedway 90’s
- Bristol Motor Speedway

Replay: Reintegrate the replay system from GT4 that shows the car specs and reintegrate the ability to watch a replay in slow motion like in GT3. Make sure each sector split is easily, and fully visible.

Remove the Stockyard: Let us keep every car in the same place. Stockyard cars don’t have checkmarks in the manufacturer list so we don’t know if we already own a specific car or not. Plus, if you drop 300-ish standard, ugly, unpopular, outdated cars the total will be around 800 cars so there won’t be a need for the stockyard.

A-Spec Qualifying: Bring it back.

AI: Have the AI be competitive, aggressive, and aware of your presence to guard positions and stay competitive even after you pass them.

Speed Tests: Bring it back.

Livery Editor: Who cares if people put genitals on their cars, this is another one of those topics that if implemented, the game will fly off the shelves. Give us some objects to start with and let us save objects for use later on. Let us work with images we import from a usb drive too.

Steering Wheel Support: There are numerous steering wheels that aren’t supported for the GT series. I’ve made a list on my site here so I’ve saved you some leg-work. Get on it.

Clutch: It’s not a digital on-off switch, but an analog pedal just like the gas and brake.

Skid Force Recovery: We get it, you want to increase sales by making the game easier for beginners. That is fine, but A) don’t ever force SRF on in ANY event and B) if it’s in use it must ALWAYS be displayed in the HUD.

Damage: Either you have damage or you don’t. Take the time to do it right.

In-Race Penalties: Make it more accurate. For instance, the car ahead should never get penalized because the car behind them rammed into them.

Options: Give us a universal option to have TCS, ASM, SRF, ABS on, off or to what level for every car we own, including new ones we just bought. Then if we want to change it for a specific car, we can, and it will save it that way.

Online: This isn’t rocket science anymore. Model the online lobby after other highly successful and decade-old games like GT Legends, GTR2, iRacing. Let us password protect our lobby, let us email event reminders to participants, etc.

Tuning: Fix the backward suspension tuning and the reversed camber fields. Add tire pressure and max turn-in angle.

Missing Information: Have every spec of every car filled in. No more dashes where information is missing.